Our Story

Totalika is a fantastic local facility developed in Sohna, Haryana offering wide range of outdoor activities along with indoor game options for the whole community embracing wellness amidst 4 acres of lush greenery. State-of-the-art facility is a perfect weekend getaway near Gurgaon to let guests discover unparalleled facilities to relax and rejuvenate amidst the countryside.

wide range of sport and leisure facilities

Revive your body and soul with an invigorating schedule in High quality facility which contains a lush green cricket ground, swimming pool, lawn tennis, football facility apart from several other outdoor activities. With a highly successful track record, it is really a place which offers something to everyone. We also offer yoga lessons and courses for all ages and abilities. We tailor made your outdoor Group outing the most memorable one.

complete kitchen & catering Facility

Not to forget, you don’t have to carry anything to this place, not even food. We make complete arrangements for your Breakfast and lunch as we have complete kitchen & catering facility available in the premises. Things are quite organic here, “How about having a glass full of Lassi made from the fresh milk!”

cricket ground Facility

We are an enterprise with the vision to provide a wide range of sport and leisure facility when you plan a day out with your colleagues, their entire family or you visit us as a group of likeminded people who want to try something different from the mundane day routines and normal leisure activities in the city.

Facility is developed in last 5 years. With Aravalli’s surrounding the cricket ground, there is absolutely no city noise pollution exists which gives it a serene feel. Only sound you hear is the chirping of birds and the giggling sounds of your near and dear ones. This place has to offer something for every age group hence you are likely to see only the smiling faces all around.

This tempting outdoor facility is at your disposal just 30 kms from Central Business District in Gurgaon which takes around 35 minutes’ drive from the lush green surroundings. This initiative is committed to deliver first class facilities that reach out to all sectors of the local community. We aim to assist and encourage local people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing a range of sport and leisure facilities, accessible and affordable to all. We are proud to host the best of Corporates & sports team who have visited us in recent months and we are committed to make healthy activity accessible to everyone in the most enjoyable fashion.
This place allows you to find a kid in you again. Don’t miss it!